Jason LaFerrera grew up in Richmond, VA where he began his career as a music producer, performer and recording engineer. He lived and worked in Marrakech, Morocco from 2006-2009, and is currently studying mathematics at Columbia University. His work has been featured in one-person and group exhibitions in New York, Richmond, and Nashville.

Artist Statement
The textures and contours of old maps are fascinating, even the tattered and stained parts. In this series, I digitally manipulate cartographic materials to create fauna and fowl in poses reminiscent of field guides from a similarly early era of publication. These idealized depictions created from recycled imagery question our relationship with the boundaries we draw to divide the natural world. The patterns of forests and shores often become an animal's feathers or fur, while the rings of topography often trace out wings or antlers. I release my work under an Attribution Non Comerical Creative Commons License.